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  • Medication Adherence

    When individuals with chronic disease take their prescribed medication, it can mean the difference between being healthy or requiring costly and time-consuming health care services.  Yet research shows that adherence to long-term therapy for chronic illnesses in developed countries, such as the United States, averages 50%. In fact, half of patients taking maintenance Read More

  • Remote Medication Management System (RMMS)

    Remote Medication Management is a system to improve adherence to medication therapy in a community setting by remotely storing, delivering, managing and monitoring an individual’s drug therapy.  Community settings that have benefited from the use of RMMS include an individual’s residence, group home Read More

  • Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™ (PCPH)

    A Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™ (PCPH) is designed to manage medication therapy for the chronically ill, medically-complex individual.  The purpose of a PCPH is to improve medication adherence and reducing unplanned care, especially inpatient hospitalizations and unplanned emergency department visits. Read More

“Success is when the patient has the means and tools to be active participants in their own health.”

-Doug Fridsma, MD, Director Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT