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Meet EMMA.


Android Tablet. The android tablet is the brains behind the EMMA unit and communicates via WiFi or Cellular to our cloud-based application to get updated dosing information. The Bluetooth feature allows remote speakers and other devices to be connected to the EMMA unit.

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Load Door. The EMMA unit is designed for patient self load. When a medication is needed, the door opens and a blister card is inserted into the load area. When the door is closed, the EMMA unit reads the bar code on the blister card, inventories the doses, and stores the card.

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Retrieval Bin. The EMMA unit selects and punches each scheduled dose from the appropriate blister card. They collect in the retrieval bin. When all doses are punched, the bin automatically opens for easy pill retrieval.

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Power Adapter. EMMA is simple to set up and get functional--Just plug it into a a standard power outlet and you're ready to go.

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What is EMMA?

EMMA® is the first and only FDA-cleared Remote Medication Management System. The EMMA unit provides individual unit dose control of medication dispensing, managed through a web-based scheduling system remotely controlled and programmed by the pharmacist.

EMMA is protected by one or more of the following patents: 6,234,343, 6,439,422, 6,601,729, 6,848,593, 7,451,876, 7,828,147, 8,019,471, 8,600,548. EMMA® is a registered trademark of INRange Systems, Inc.