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What is a First Dose/Emergency Kit?

A First Dose/Emergency Kit (E-Kit) is used by a long-term-care pharmacy to store a variety of different medications at a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). Its purpose is to remotely dispense initial medications to patients admitted to the facility who are in need of medications before the pharmacy can deliver their prescriptions.

INRange has two different solutions to meet the SNF’s needs while complying with State & Federal Pharmacy regulations. The EMMA unit dose-dispenser delivers individual unit-dose solid oral medications and can hold up to 300 individual doses of medication per unit; it is ideal for narcotic control. The EMMA E-Cabinet holds up to 252 medications in individual, actively secured containers for multi-dose storage of oral medications, or individual doses of non-oral or injectable medications.

What medications can be dispensed using EMMA?

The EMMA unit can hold up to 30 different control or non-control solid oral medications.

The EMMA E-Cabinet can hold virtually any type of control or non-control medication package: oral, non-oral, injectables, inhalers, patches, etc.. It can hold up to 252 different medications in individual active security containers.

Can the system be configured to meet the specific requirements for my state?

The control software, which is accessible from any PC, tablet, or mobile device, allows a pharmacy to configure the operation of the First Dose / E-Kit to meet most requirements needed to comply with the individual states in which they operate.

Can I operate EMMA from a tablet, PC, or mobile device?

Yes. EMMA is a secure, cloud-based platform that allows a user to access the system from any web-enabled device (PC, Tablet, smart phone). Alerts from the systems can be send via email and allows a user to use their smart phone to take action or respond.

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