A “win-win-win” for pharmacists, AL/IL communities, and residents.

The myEMMA medication adherence system is a pharmacy-driven solution that’s ideal for assisted and independent living communities. MyEMMA is a secure, easy to use, and cost-effective connected technology that keeps residents healthier, longer.

Greater Opportunities for Pharmacies

MyEMMA offers multiple ways to increase your value among your AL/IL customers, expand your range of services, and maximize revenue with:

  • Increased prescription volume that fits your current pharmacy flow.
  • Improved penetration among the resident population and increased customer retention.
  • Additional fee-for-service opportunities for clinical reviews and involvement.
  • Robust monitoring and reporting capabilities to ensure proactive, high-value resident care.

Improved Efficiency for the AL/IL Community

MyEMMA provides your pharmacy’s AL/IL customers with a long-term care technology solution that makes medication adherence more efficient and secure. With MyEMMA in each residents’ home, AL/IL clinical staff can:

  • Save time—MyEMMA reduces the need for a med pass and many other pharmacy-related tasks.
  • Stay connected—MyEMMA’s “always on” nursing portal immediately alerts staff to missed doses.
  • Increase safety, accuracy, and accountability—Each dose is individually sealed and identified with the resident’s name and the name and strength of the medication.

More Independence and Dignity for Residents

Pill dispensing

MyEMMA increases adherence by securely delivering the right medication at precisely the right time—so AL/IL residents can live healthier and maintain their independence. MyEMMA:

  • Eliminates reliance on memory to take medications as prescribed and order refills on time.
  • Reduces adverse health events, accidental overdoses, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations.
  • Offers residents and their families peace of mind, because they know their medications are always on hand and completely secure.

What is EMMA?

EMMA® is the first and only FDA-cleared Remote Medication Management System. The EMMA unit provides individual unit dose control of medication dispensing, managed through a web-based scheduling system remotely controlled and programmed by the pharmacist.

Grow Your Pharmacy Business with MyEMMA

MyEMMA enables your long-term care pharmacy to offer your AL/IL customers a high-value service with multiple benefits for clinical staff, residents, and their families.

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