INRange provides cost effective pharmacy automation solutions that reduce costs, increase revenue and fit into your existing pharmacy practices. We provide solutions that include not only hardware and software, but the “best practice” protocols that enable you to quickly implement our solutions, providing dollars to your bottom line.

First Dose/Emergency Kit (E-Kit)

Our E-Kit provides an immediate financial return to your pharmacy operations, as well as a major cost savings to the skilled nursing facility you service.

INRange’s E-Kit is a low-cost, secure solution for First Dose/Emergency Kit (E-Kit) at skilled nursing facilities. Our system provides convenient, secure access to narcotics and other first dose medication in a fully contained and trackable environment.

Our E-Kits:

  • Eliminate stock-outs
  • End E-Kit documentation
  • Provide a complete chain of custody
  • Provide simplified DEA compliance
  • Provide automatic refill notifications
  • Can be configured for automatic or pharmacist release
  • Provide significant savings and benefits to the SNFs you service

A reliable, low-cost solution.

Management and control of E-Kits is a major responsibility and a drain on resources. Regulatory requirements governing the dispensing of narcotics create a significant workload for both the pharmacy and the facility operators. INRange has developed a better solution to this problem – one that can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

Our low cost solutions can be justified in skilled nursing facilities of any size. Let us show you how.

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