Skilled Nursing Facilities

INRange’s EMMA E-Kit provides a First Dosing/Emergency Kit solution that can be cost-justified by virtually any skilled nursing facility.

Why Use the EMMA E-Kit?

INRange’s E-Kit is a low cost, secure solution for First Dose/Emergency Kit (E-Kit) for skilled nursing facilities. Our system provides convenient, secure access to narcotics and other first dose medication in a fully contained and trackable environment.

Our E-Kits:

  • Eliminate narcotic inventory – reducing overtime
  • No more manual records
  • Enter medication requests from any PC, tablet, or mobile device while on the phone with the doctor
  • Use it to determine your PRN requirements, reducing medication costs
  • Secure narcotic control
  • Easy to use

Management and control of E-Kits is a major responsibility and a drain on resources. Regulatory requirements governing the dispensing of narcotics create a significant workload. INRange has developed a better solution to this problem – one that can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

Our low cost solutions can be justified in skilled nursing facilities of any size. Let us show you how.

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How It Works

INRange’s E-Kit is installed by your long term care pharmacy and includes the following components:

EMMA Unit Dose Narcotic Dispensing Unit

EMMA Unit Dose Narcotic Dispensing Unit

Used for oral narcotic controls, each EMMA unit can hold up to 30 different medications for a total of 300 individual doses.

EMMA E-Cabinet

EMMA E-Cabinet

Used for non-oral narcotics and non-narcotics, each EMMA E-Cabinet can hold up to 120 different medications and thousands of doses of medications.

EMMA Portal

EMMA Portal

The EMMA portal allows your nurses to view inventory and enter medication disbursement requests for the E-Kit from any PC, tablet, or mobile device.

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