Skilled Nursing Facilities

An easy-to-use, completely secure emergency dose kit that strengthens inventory control and accountability.

Why Use the EMMA E-Kit?

INRange’s E-Kit is a low cost, secure solution for First Dose/Emergency Kit (E-Kit) for skilled nursing facilities. Our system provides convenient, secure access to narcotics and other first dose medication in a fully contained and trackable environment.

Our E-Kits:

  • Secure narcotic control
  • Eliminates the need for inventory counts
  • Avoids the potential for diversion
  • No more hand written charge slips
  • Nurse can make a medication request from EMMA through any PC, tablet or mobile device while on the phone with the doctor

Management and control of E-Kits is a major responsibility and a drain on resources. Regulatory requirements governing the dispensing of narcotics create a significant workload. INRange has developed a better solution to this problem – one that can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

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How It Works

INRange’s E-Kit is installed by your long term care pharmacy and includes the following components:

EMMA Unit Dose Narcotic Dispensing Unit

EMMA Unit Dose Narcotic Dispensing Unit

Used for oral narcotic controls, each EMMA unit can hold up to 30 different medications for a total of 300 individual doses.

EMMA E-Cabinet

EMMA E-Cabinet

Used to increase the on-hand storage of control and non-control, solid oral and non-solid oral medications. The E-Cabinet can hold up to 252 actively secure containers.

EMMA Portal

EMMA Portal

The EMMA portal allows your nurses to view inventory and enter medication disbursement requests for the E-Kit from any PC, tablet, or mobile device.

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